Injury Management & Rehabilitation

Our Injury Management program provides consulting services aimed at rehabilitation and the returning of injured workers to our team as quickly as possible.

The aims of our Injury management program:

  • Occupation rehabilitation process would be commenced as soon as possible after an injury.
  • Injured workers should be able to return to work as quickly as possible.
  • Provide appropriate and suitable duties for an injured worker based on their health conditions.
  • Actively communicate with our staff and industrial union to ensure that our rehabilitation programs operate effectively.


When an Injury Occurs

The worker must give early notification of a work related injury. The rehabilitation coordinator (nominated hereunder) will contact the injured worker to ensure that appropriate medical attention is being received and, in conjunction with the treating doctor, to prepare the injured worker for a safe and timely return to work consistent with medical advice.

Involving Rehabilitation Providers/Treating Doctors

When the injured worker is unlikely to resume previous duties or cannot do so without alteration to the workplace or working arrangements, the rehabilitation coordinator will consult with the treating doctor, therapist and /or the nominated Rehabilitation Provider to obtain assistance and guidance.

Note. The worker has the right to choose his/her own treating doctor and
rehabilitation provider/s or to change provider/s whilst undergoing rehabilitation.

Finding Suitable Duties

The rehabilitation coordinator and rehabilitation provider, in consultation with the treating doctor, will ensure that the appropriate duties for partially incapacitated workers will be productive remaining capabilities.


The rehabilitation coordinator will consult with injured workers and their treating doctor (and, where applicable, any industrial union representing them) prior to any arrangement for the return of an injured worker on appropriate and suitable duties.

A monitoring program would be set up by all three parties, i.e., doctor, worker, employer and, if necessary, the rehabilitation provider.


The rehabilitation coordinator will be responsible for resolving disputes between each party through consultations and proactive communications.