Work Safety

If you adhere to the following safety instructions and put the Work Safety as the top priority, you should have accident free working environment.

Before Job Commencement

You will be instructed on the following work safety information at each site.

  • Protective clothing, safety glasses, safety helmet, safety shoes.
  • Fire and emergency drill and escape plan.


1. Check your electrical equipment at the commencement and the end of each shift to ensure switches and cables are in good working conditions.
2. Clean all equipment properly before finishing your work and report any defects to your supervisors.
3. Do NOT attempt to repair the equipment yourself.
4. Do NOT use any defect equipment.
5. ALWAYS switch off the power before disconnecting equipment.
6. Ensure that all ladders or stepladders comply with our work safety standards. If you are unsure, please seek advice from your supervisor before using them.


7. You will be trained on the correct method of using chemicals according to the chemical usage chart on site. You MUST follow the instructions.
8. Check the safety information on the chemical usage chart regularly to understand and aware of the potential danger.
9. Do NOT bring any unauthorized chemicals on to the site.

In Your Workplace

10. Do NOT lift items that are too heavy.
11. ALWAYS use the correct posture by bending at the knees to lift up any items all the time.
12. Do NOT carry heavy or bulk items up or down stairs without any assistance.
13. Before commencing floor cleaning, always place a Wet Floor hazard sign in a visible location and make the safety of our staff and client the first priority.
14. Immediately report any potential danger on the premises to your supervisor.
15. You will be required to complete the Accident Report if you have any kinds of accident during your work.

If you have any suggestions that could improve our Work Safety program, please talk to your supervisor.